Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gift J and Clue K

Merry Christmas Eve!

Today we received Gift J and Clue K. Things at the post office are going quite slow, someone told me yesterday that they were getting 8 palletes of packages just last night. So they have a lot of work to do. And we will probably have a package or 2 mixed in somewhere in those 8 pallets.

Gift J: We guessed bottles and were correct. We received several bottles, nipples, 2 wall hangings, and some hats and booties (too cute), and some headbands.

Clue K: Keeping messes off the floor and diaper rash will be no more.

- Our guess for this is, diaper rash cream. And possibly something to clean up the floor or storage or something to keep the floor from getting the messes on it.

Be back soon.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Gift and J Clue and #1 Clue

So after going to the post office today we found Gift I!! Oh how I love getting mail!!!!!!

I Gift: We guess sleep positioner and we were right!! Or as the guys at the fire dept. call them baby chalks because they have these things that are the same principle to keep their trucks from rolling away!

J Clue: Jugs don't always meet the need, Darnell will often get to feed.

-Our guess for this one is bottles.

#1 Clue: A one stop shop. On the go. Entertainment and a hometown glow.

-We have thought long and hard about this one, and really don't have any idea. So we are going to baby monitor just for the entertainment part...but really we are stumped.

So until next time!

H Gift and I Clue

Things are continuing to go well here, well besides all the annoying discomforts of pregnancy, but only 6 weeks left until the military considers delivery safe and only 10 left until we are full term!!! We also got our Vonage phone in yesterday (Thanks Gma and Gpa!!) so we can now make and receive calls that are considered local for the states; we even have a Colorado number. I don't really think it's a good idea to publish that here, so if you want our number you can email us or ask around, I'm sure someone will give it out :) We are 8 hours ahead of Mountain Time and 7 hours ahead of Central Time, so please keep that in mind in when callin :)

So I hear that our dear cousin Sam will be having her second set of twins today and we are eagerly awaiting news about that, she should be being induced in about 10 min, so we'll have to call some people to find out all about those two little guys or gals!!! How fun it will be to have so many children so close in age, i.e. Amelia, Twins 2.0, and Dani.

ANYWAYS, I'll get to the point (Darnell isn't here right now to filter my dictation hahahaha!)

Gift H: we guessed a car seat cover and we were right! I can say that it will be used on a daily basis and I'm so sure that Dani will appreciate having it on these cold/rainy Aviano days.

Clue I: In case you have a little mover, this will keep them from turning over.

-Our guess for this gift is a baby sleep positioner

Thanks again for everything you guys are doing for us, we really can't explain to you how much it means to us!

Love, US

Sunday, December 14, 2008

G Gift and H Clue

We are still debating over who is the dictator, but it seems like I take the orders at home, and give them at work. I dont mind at all though.

We were very surprised when we found G gift waiting at the P.O. today (Sunday).

G Gift: We guessed a mattress cover, and we received a mattress cover, 3 bibs, a dress, and a picture frame.

H Clue: Having one of these to keep baby warm on walks while mommy and daddy enjoy romantic talks. Our guess is one of those things that you zip up around/over the car seat. Or it could just be blankets. :)
****I was just gonna type SMILEY FACE, but that didnt really fly...
Until next time D&R&D&S

F Gift and G Clue

Right now we're in the midst of deciding who is going to write this post. Usually Rebekah is the dictator and I am typing. I'm happy keeping it the same way, especially because I am dead tired today. But I guess we will see.

F gift came in the mail yesterday but I was working so we waited until this morning to open it up.

F Gift: Our guess for the F gift was Swaddling blankets. We recieved Crib sheets, hats, and a bottle.

G Clue: Giving the mattress extra pad. Catching drool and spit up not left on dad. Our guess is a mattress cover. But we will let you know how that turns out.
D&R&D&S (Those last 2 would be Dani and Stretch for those of you who might be wondering)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

E Gift and F Clue

We hope that everything is going well with you all at home. All here is well, work is BUSY. I spent 5 and a half years at Columbus and didnt have any fires, but in the past 3 weeks here we've had 2 that I responded on. But I cant complain, it's the job that I chose.

Today we recieved our E gift and the F Clue.

E Gift: We guessed burp cloths, and were sort of right. We recieved cloth diapers to be used as burp cloths (hence the "sort of right"), 4 recieving blankets, a pooh blanket, and a pillow that you write on.

F Clue: These feel so soft, you will surely say. As you fall in love watching the baby lay.

-Our guess for this one is swaddling blankets.
As we said, we hope that all is well at home with you guys. We are doing well and are thankful for what you guys are doing for us. We will be in touch soon.
Love D & R

Friday, December 5, 2008

D Gift and E clue

Hey Guys,

We have received another gift in the mail with another clue!!!

D gift: We were close on this one; we guessed swaddling blankets. We received a Pooh Bear Blanket and some pink Pooh Bear Socks!!! How cute!
E Clue: Every time baby eats, your little one will leave a treat!
-Our guess for this is burp cloths. So we'll see.
We know some of you have been dying to see pictures of the pregnant lady, so here's one for you that we took last night. There are a few more uploaded at the address that we provided in the last post. So check 'em out.
D, R, and Lil' D

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


OK, the internet is up at the house, hopefully it will last! I woulde like to start with saying how much we appreciate you guys doing this for us. It's hard being all the way across the world.

So far we have recieved the A, B, and C gifts. Thank you all VERY MUCH! So, let's catch up.

A: To always keep baby safe and warm, these will help combat winter storms.

- Our guess was booties (being that the clues said "THESE") but we actually got a snowsuit with mittens, a pooh bear hat and mittens, and a toy.

B: You bet this helps a lot with nursing. It will help keep Rebekah from cursing.
- Our guess was breast cream. But we actually got a boppy pillow and boppy slip cover and baby einstein music CD.

C: Cold nights and chilly naps will be nice and warm with these soft sacks.

- We guessed sleep sacks, and for the first time we were RIGHT! We got sleep sacks and another boppy slip cover.

D: Darnell will soon learn the art of a swaddle, next in line is to master a bottle.

-Our guess for this is swaddling blankets. We'll let you guys know as soon as this one arrives what it actually is.

With the holidays coming this game may slow a little because I'm sure you can imagine how many packages the P.O. is getting right now.
Below are a few pictures of Dani's nursery/the guest bedroom. Sorry if they're not great pictures; I'm not that great at that kind of thing.

To see more photos from Italy you can check out our google pictures site at

We'll be writing more soon! Love you guys!