Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An update

We are sure that by now you all have heard about what took place last week. But for those who dont know, we spent the night in the hospital last thursday so Rebekah and Dani could be monitored. Rebekah was having contractions about 3 mins apart and the labor and delivery people suggested that she go in for observation. But the contractions were slowed down/stopped with the helps of meds. And now we are back home. We went to the doctor yesterday for a follow up and are still dialated to 1 cm, so the good news is that things are not continuing to change. We are just hoping and praying now that Dani decides to stay in her hole for at least another 2 weeks.

So with all of that taken into consideration, we decided to go ahead and make up our hospital bags. Because the next time our 30 minute trip to labor and delivery for observation turns into several days Rebekah would like some underwear, and it would be a good idea to have some stuff for Dani too (you know, just in case...) Our plan was to have all the gifts in one spot, and then at the end of the shower we would take another picture and then make that last post for the shower. However being that we need some of those thing we have taken a picture of everything up to or including the P gift (all that we have received thus far). It's amazing how truly blessed we are!

As you can see we have received a ton of gifts and we would like to thank you all very much. Thanks for all of your prayers and support, especially during this last week. Just keep your fingers crossed (I'll make sure that Rebekah keeps her legs crossed) that we can make it until at least the 28th.

Much love DRDS

P.S. Here's a picture of Stretch in one of his favorite spots, the HILL.

Gift P and Clue Q

Gift P: We guesses bottle cleaning supplies and we were correct. We got bottle brushes, sterilizer bags, and some baby clothes.

Clue Q: The quest for everything to the mouth, these will help you from going south.

- Our guess is passifiers.

Gift O and Clue P

Gift O: I believe we guessed some sort of storage device or some hangers. We were sort of right... We received a dishwasher basket and a drying rack for bottles.

Clue P: Put your bottles to the test, these will help you clean the best.

- Our guess for this is something to clean bottles with.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gift N and Clue O

Gift N: I cant read anything that I am typing right now so please forgive me for any and all typo's. Our guess for Gift N was more bath supplies. We received a bath lounger sortas thing, washclotyhs and a neat hooded towel.

Clue O: I can see what I am typing now so hopefully all of the typos will be gone.

-Washing and drying all with ease. Organizing will make it a breeze!

-Our guess for this is some sort of storage contraption and maybe some hangers too.

Gift M and clue N

Gift M: our guess was bath supplies and we were right. We received lotion, soap, a comb and brush, a tool bag, a wash mitt, and a really special homemade blanket. This was from a college friend of mine, the blanket was hand made by her grandmother. She experienced a similar situation to ours when she had her first child.

Clue N: Naked babies are so sweet all the way from head to feet. Our guess for this one is more bath stuff.

Gift L and Clue M

Dont know if you guys realize but there's only 53 days left after today. In the words of GPA Crews "HOOOOOLYYYYY COOOOOOW"

Gift L: We didint really have a guess for this one, but we did receive milk storage bags, breast pads, breast cream, onesies and socks.

Clue M: Making baby smell so clean and look more cute than anything you've ever seen.

-Our guess is bath supplies.

Gift K and Clue L

Sorry it took us so long to do this, we took a break for the holidays (actually the post office did...).

Gift K: We guessed diaper rash creme and well our guess should be listed on the last post, we can't remember what it was... But we received diaper rash creme, changing pads, socks, and onesies.

Clue L: Some of those little things you never knew would be so helpful to you.

-Our guess is... Well we really have no idea (we've never had kids before)